What you will learn

  • Lower your stress level

    Using scientifically proven methods. Do not take my word for it but prove it to yourself by measuring your own stress levels

  • Increase your energy

    When your stress levels drop you will notice your energy levels increase which will motivate you even more

  • Enjoy life

    With lower stress levels and increased energy you can spend time on what matters most: your goals and relationships

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. How does your brain respond to stress

    2. How does your body respond to stress: nervous system

    3. How does your body respond to stress: vagus nerve

    4. What is the difference between stress and anxiety

    5. Homework

    1. What is heart rate variability (HRV)

    2. How does the nervous system influence HRV

    3. How can stress be measured objectively

    4. How can stress be measured subjectively

    5. Homework

    1. Focusing on the important stuff

    2. Journaling to clear your brain

    3. Eliminating distractions

    4. Homework

    1. How breathing correctly reduces stress and anxiety

    2. What are incorrect breathing patterns

    3. Breathing exercise

    4. Paleo breathing

    5. Homework

    1. What is the impact of color and scent on stress

    2. Homework

About this course

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